We are referred to as the leading tax lawyers in Tanzania. Our lawyers are skilled in devising tax-efficient structures for businesses and in handling complex tax disputes. We also assist clients with tax compliance issues, tax planning, and negotiations for tax payment arrangements where the assessed tax is undisputed.

Our clients include mining, telecommunications, top tobacco, sugar, brewing and other companies in the agricultural sector, banks, transportation, oil and gas, media as well as construction companies operating within and outside Tanzania. We also represent and assist non-profit and other entities operating within and outside Tanzania.


  • Successfully advised and represented leading telecommunication companies before the Tax Revenue Board and Appeals Tribunal with regard to sim card import tax issues.
  • Involved and successfully represented major mining companies with regard to their tax disputes.
  • Advised banks and other financial institutions in their tax compliance as well as representing them in their tax and other civil litigations.
  • Advised on service levy charges imposed on a network provider’s telecommunication towers scattered in various district councils and municipalities in Tanzania
  • Advised on and successfully acted for an internationally affiliated company regarding a transfer pricing dispute with the Tax Revenue Authority.
  • Representing aviation and telecommunication companies in their tax disputes with the Tanzania Revenue Authority.
  • Advised and represented leading brewery companies in Tanzania.
  • Advised and represented companies in the tourism sector in respect of various levies imposed by the local governments.
At B&EAko Law we pride ourselves on having some of the best corporate lawyers who take a pragmatic approach in resolving corporate matters. This enables our clients to make informed commercial decisions for establishing and operating businesses in Tanzania. In short, we are your business partner all the way.

We have conducted due diligence, assisted in negotiations and drafting joint venture agreements, mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganization, business divesting, winding ups, competition, company formation and secretarial work. We ensure that we are on top of our clients’ needs and that they are compliant with all requirements applicable to them.

We also assist with aviation matters, a nascent area of practice in Tanzania. Our focus here ranges from the drafting and executing of associated sale and purchase agreements, leases, financial and operating leases, charter arrangements, financing aircraft for airlines, the preparation and negotiation of contracts, insurance, liability, support services, financing transactions, and furnishing of different opinions as and when needed.


  • Review, supervision, negotiation of, and execution of Data Transfer Agreement between two key inter country organizations.
  • Full participation and listing of a major bank at the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE).
  • Researched and prepared a compliance register for the workings and relationship of major entities.
  • Participated in drafting of the Media Service and Right to Information Bills, which were tabled before the parliament for consideration.
  • Handled the drafting and negotiation of a contract farming agreement between two major farming companies covering 18 districts.
  • Provided legal advisory services on the validity and enforcement of various security documents in relation to numerous multi-billion loan transactions.
  • Provided a legal opinion on a share sale and purchase agreement as well as providing an opinion on the constitution and decision-making powers of a major company.
  • Provided a legal opinion on the validity and enforceability of security sharing agreement under a paripassu arrangement between two reputable Banks.
  • Provided legal advice to a well-known Company on various legal aspects with regard to its IT and telecommunication department i.e. license compliance, interconnection and access, equipment and infrastructure sharing agreements, national and international roaming arrangements, spectrum issues, fair competition law, leases, site acquisition, building permits and environmental law.
  • Registration of trademarks and franchising as well the protection of infringements.
  • Involved in the team of lawyers who drafted an agreement for an organization which run the central corridor project.
Trial lawyers at B&EAko Law work closely with corporate/ transactional lawyers to ensure clients’ business is well protected. This enables us to avoid potential conflicts which is key for successful businesses.

Where conflict proves inevitable, our trial lawyers are able to quickly step in and assist the client throughout the dispute. Our litigation team constantly and continuously evaluate every possible outcome prior to taking a case and explores creative ways for an amicable, quicker and cost effective resolution. We keep our clients abreast throughout the whole dispute resolution process to ensure the best possible outcome.

Our dispute resolution/litigation team has experience in arbitration, mediation, industrial dispute and general commercial litigation.


  • Acted for a subsidiary of an international company in a competition regulatory dispute for with an exposure of around five million US dollars.
  • Acted for a public company in its construction arbitration dispute with an exposure of over three-million-pound sterling.
  • Represented a leading bank in diverse litigation matters including loans/debt recovery and commercial litigation.
  • Handled several high-profile competition law involving major telecommunication companies against Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA).
  • Acted for an internationally recognized construction company in a road construction arbitration dispute involving an exposure of over twelve million US dollars.
  • Represented a subsidiary of an international mining company in its mining adjudication dispute with an exposure of around USD 100 million.
  • Acted for a brewery company in its contractual arbitration dispute with an exposure of USD 106 million.
  • Attending mediation in courts and tribunals as well as brokering amicable dispute resolutions and settlements out of courts.
  • Handling procurement cases involving telecommunication and IT industries.
  • Handling of patent and trademark infringement cases.
  • Successfully acted for a leading internationally recognized airline in its labour and employment related litigious matters.
  • Acted for an aviation company on advising, reviewing and amending their HR and Retrenchment policies.
  • Represented an airline company and successfully won suits instituted by its high-level personnel on several grievances.
  • Acted for an airline company in arbitrating and mitigating civil suits instituted by its passengers.
The Firm works in close association with reputable financial institutions to ensure our clients’ needs are also well attended. Worth noting, we keep abreast ourselves of the local and global banking and finance laws placing our firm as the most current legal practice in Tanzania.

Our experience in securities law as a standout by itself whereby we ensure that when it comes to investing, our clients make informed decisions of the type of interest they are about to purchase and its value.


  • Conducting due diligence and validation of assets (Detect encumbrances) on behalf of the customers/borrowers pledged as securities.
  • Acted for a leading Bank in the creation and perfection of its Security Documents as well as the acquisition of incumbent deeds.
  • Drafted and executed a set of complex Guarantee and Indemnity documents for a rising micro finance institution.
  • Acted for a leading charitable organization on the advising, drafting and implementation of its Annual Financial Strategy Implementation plan.
  • Acted for a leading mining company in the drafting and execution of its investment contract(s).
  • Acted for a world renowned company in the review of its Financial Forecasts and Business Strategies in line with the country’s laws.
  • Acted for a leading bank in advising on, facilitation and eventual successful completion of its merger and acquisition.
  • The preparation and review of security documentations (as a whole) to wit letters of offer, mortgages, debentures, guarantees and liens, letters of Hypothecation, security sharing agreements et al to make sure they comply with the legislative framework and best commercial banking practices.
  • Representing Banks in courts of Law, Tribunals and arbitration as may be required and instructed by the Bank.
  • The negotiating, drafting and review of Financial Institutions’ contractual arrangements
  • Conducting due diligence and validation on assets (Detect encumbrances) on behalf of the customers/borrowers pledged as securities
By keeping abreast with Tanzanian Labour and Immigration laws, we ensure employers, employees and expatriates’ rights to employment are accessible and protected. We also offer all- inclusive/encompassing immigration services that go hand in hand with related employment matters.

Our lawyers are constantly involved in various matters pertaining to labour and immigration making B&E Ako law the preferred specialists in the field. We maintain the relationship with our clients and assist them to navigate their way in the country.


  • Drafting Human Resources Policies and Manuals and make sure the same are in line with the existing Labor Laws
  • Preparing and advising our clients on Employment Contracts before hiring an employee in the company.
  • Attending recruitment and disciplinary meetings upon client’s request.
  • Advising and guiding our clients on the steps to be followed during retrenchment process.
  • Processed work and residential permits for all the expatriate employees of an international charitable organization.
  • Processed and facilitated the issuance of temporary business and transit visas for the outsourced contractors a leading mining company.
  • Provided a well-researched and comprehensive advisory opinion on immigration and permit laws and regulations for an international company that was setting up operations in Tanzania.
  • Successfully applied to the Labour Commissioner for waiver of regulatory requirements for an international charitable organization on the rejection of applied work permits for its expatriate employees.
  • Acting as the key liaison with the Ministry of Labour and Employment for a recruitment agency to ensure ongoing compliance with immigration regulations.
  • Expedient processing of work, residential permits for individual clients and accompanying parent/spouse and family permits.
  • Expedient processing of transit, business and CTA visas as the need mandates.
  • Applications for and Determination of citizenship status.

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